Important Reminders for the Energy Conference

important reminders | energy conference

1. You can submit maximum of 3 papers for a conference. But ,in the interest of fairness and as a policy, each paper must have a separate registered author. To present the paper in the conference ,each paper must have at least one paid, in-person registration.

2.You will receive a notification from organizing committee after submitting your Abstract. Abstracts will be reviewed and send you a acceptance letter only if your abstract in satisfactory level, or else you will receive a mail with reviewing committee comments. You must resubmit the abstract within 2 weeks of notification.

3.Abstract are reviewed by reviewing panel and you will be getting acceptance or resubmit notification within 2 weeks of abstract delivery receipt.

4.For in-person presentation, you must register for the conference after your abstract has been accepted. Accepted abstract must have paid registration fee in order to be scheduled in to the program.

5.Authors who wish to publish their full papers in online proceeding must submit their full papers within 3 weeks after the conference day.(on or before 05 September 2014)

6.For virtual presentation, you have to follow same procedure like in-person presentation.

7.If you have any issue with payments, submission process or registration process, contact us by e-mail or over the phone at office hours.(Office hours:8.00am to 6.00pm in Sri Lankan time)

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